Pre-conference workshops will be organized on Sunday morning and afternoon for those registered. A limited fee will be charged. For students, however, the fee for one workshop is included in the conference registration.

1. Introductory course on OpenFOAM | Organization: VKI | more info

2. Code Coupling for Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulations in Nuclear Equipment | Organization: Joris Degroote, Henri Dolfen (Ghent University), Angel Papukchiev (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit) | more info

3. Practical Application of Multi-scale and Multi-physics Simulation for PWRs using the CUPID code | Organization: Han Young Yoon (KAERI) | more info

4. Optical measurement techniques for thermal-hydraulic investigation | Main organizer: VKI | more info

5. Fiber-optic sensors for thermal hydraulic measurements | To be confirmed | more info

6. Introductory course on NEK5000 | To Be Confirmed | more info