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  • Realisation of a New Research Infrastructure in Belgium: MYRRHA | Hamid Aït Abderrahim click here
  • MYRRHA core design - version 1.8 | Luco Fiorito click here
  • Validation of sub-criticality monitoring techniques for the MYRRHA ADS | Anatoly Kochetkov click here
  • Validation of the core physics codes for MYRRHA in VENUS experiments | Anatoly Kochetkov click here
  • Overview of Accelerator Driven Systems and Spallation Neutron Sources Research in Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna and plans for the future | Karel Kotovsky click here
  • Beam interruption experiments in the GUINEVERE ADS from very sub-critical to nominal reactivity within the MYRACL program | Annick Billebaud click here
  • High Intensity Low Energy Electron Accelerators for Sub Critical Micro Nuclear Reactors | Kailash C Mittal click here
  • iTheC's contributions to the exploitation of thorium | Jean-Pierre Revol click here
  • Potential of MYRRHA with Thorium fuel as an actinide burner | Asiya Rummana and Roger Barlow click here
  • Current status of Czech activities in experimental development of thorium - uranium fuel cycle technology dedicated to Molten Salt Reactor system | Jan Uhlir click here
  • Thorium oxide-based fuels: historic notes, ongoing research and future trends | Marc Verwerft click here
  • Yorktown Clean Energy Center in Partnership with an Indian PPP | Ganapati Myneni click here
  • MINERVA-facility: Status of the design | Adrian Fabich click here
  • The MYRRHA phase 1 accelerator: design status and commissioning of the first components | Angélique Gatera click here
  • The Proton Target Facility to be constructed in the first phase of MYRRHA | Lucia Popescu click here
  • Actinide target materials for the production of radioactive ion beams at CERN-ISOLDE | Joao Pedro Fernandes Pinto click here
  • Thorium carbides target: The importance of the raw materials' properties | Beatriz Acevedo Muñoz click here
  • Formation and Dynamic Behaviour of Lead Bismuth Eutectic Aerosols in the MYRRHA Accelerator Driven System | Christophe Corazza click here
  • Central, South & Eastern Europe ADS Initiative and Cooperation with Indian Universities | Karel Katovsky click here
  • Neutron distributions from spallation targets, parametrised using the Frankenstein Gene Expression Programming package | Roger Barlow click here
  • Operational High-Power Superconducting Proton Linac Experience at SNS Relevant to ADS | John D. Galambos click here
  • The IsoDAR cylcotron design | Roger Barlow click here
  • Cryogenic System for the MINERVA LINAC (MYRRHA phase 1) | Olga Kochebina click here
  • RAPID - A New Paradigm for Particle Transport Simulation | Alireza Haghighat click here
  • Mu*STAR Update on Plans to Fund a Pilot Plant | Rolland Johnson click here
  • Source term analysis for MYRRHA | Sebastien Caes click here
  • Safety characteristics of an accelerator driven reactor | Francesco Belloni click here


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